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Getting to know the Collective – Lani Peterson

Over the past 3 years, Menu Collective has worked on beverage-focused projects with high profile clients all over the world! From the heart of Chicago to international destinations like Tokyo, Shanghai, Milan & London.

I’ve had the privilege of partaking in some of these projects from the day I started working at Menu Collective (I cannot believe it was last May!).

With that being said, I’d like to introduce myself to you & give a little highlight reel of our past work, celebrating our 3rd year in business!

My name is Lani Peterson & I am the General Manager of Menu Collective, located in the Fulton Market District of Chicago’s West Loop. Before last May, I was living in Hong Kong working in Marketing in the Food & Beverage manufacturing industry. But I am a native to the the Mid-west, having grown up in Minnesota. I also lived in Seattle for 8 years where, naturally, my love of coffee and my long-lasting career in beverage began.

Working in Menu Development on coffee product brands for years, I was able to hone many skills I never realized would be relevant to my current career! Specifically; the ability to taste the minute difference between products that might seem the same to the general public, the detailed work that goes into pulling a perfect shot of espresso (OR understanding, more often than not, why it isn’t perfect), the nuances of flavor that are dramatically impacted by a slight recipe change in a cocktail and so on.

Along with an intrinsic love of perfecting pasty technique & flavor pairing skills, I love beverage. Good beverages, bad beverages – I want to try them all! If for no other reason than to learn.

We are always interested in taking on new projects at Menu Collective, where experience is our most important asset. Are you interested in how the services we provide could impact your business in a positive manner? Let me know @

Here’s to hoping we work together in the near future!



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With a unique background in pastry, beverage and design, Lani’s skills combine to push the limits of what’s expected.