On-trend menu development

Allowing flavor trends and performance to optimize the beverage menu

Wanting to optimize operations and increase revenue, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers started by exploring growth and innovation on some of their stronger, flagship menu categories, like burgers and specialty beverages. They wanted to capture more beverage occasions with guests who are dining in, so they approached Menu Collective for help creating more unique beverage menu development ideas. The assignment was to evaluate existing beverages on the menu and identify gaps. Where could they innovate?

Menu Collective started by conducting performance evaluations on Red Robin’s entire beverage menu. They then journeyed on market tours to uncover what was on the menu in other markets and in up-and-coming restaurants. They hosted discovery sessions to openly discuss and build beverage creations that would delight Red Robin guests. Multiple beverage demonstrations took place resulting in a range of new drink ideas with recipes.

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The final deliverable was a robust beverage strategy that included more than just new beverage formulations. A full-scale stage-gate process for innovation development was presented and a proposed menu to plus-up Red Robin’s existing beverages as well.