Formulating with a Cannabis Blend

Overcoming distribution and regulation obstacles to create a perfect THC and CBD blend

Lyre’s spirits make a range of non-alcoholic spirits that taste just like the classic spirits they were patterned after. The company’s goal is to enable anyone to be able to enjoy their favorite cocktail “in a non-alcoholic fashion”. After much success, the company has expanded its foundation into premixes. Their best-sellers, like American Malt & Cola, Italian Sparkling Prosecco and Amalfi Spritz, were made available in canned ready-to-drink formats.

The company continues to innovate. Lyre’s has recently worked with Menu Collective to launch a new variation of these canned non-alcoholic beverages under the brand name, Averi. Initially launching in Canada, this new brand will feature the Amalfi Spritz and the Classico Italian Sparking Prosecco now formulated with a blend of THC and CBD.

Navigating difficulties in production and distribution regulations, Menu Collective helped source the ingredients. They took their base flavor compounds that were produced on the other side of the globe and localized the production to be more cost-effective, streamlined and U.S.-compliant.

Product development was also difficult because doses of THC and CBD differ in formulation and CBD’s adverse taste experience requires expertise in masking the flavor. Plus, THC is difficult to distribute and procure from state to state.

The result is an expertly crafted line of cannabis-infused ready-to-drink classic Lyre’s beverages that will hit the Canadian shelves in 2022.