An Alcoholic Beverage that Replenishes

Menu Collective Develops a Line of Enhanced Canned Seltzers

Che-Che logo

Menu Collective has recently finished development on a line of canned hard seltzers. Soon to be available in three flavors, Che-Che AlcoRefreshers are replenishing, alcoholic beverages that make you feel superhuman, and liberatingly free from synthetic limitations. 

Che-Che, which means “dope” or “extremely cool”, targets consumers who want to have fun and be active. The upscale beverage formulation contains 5% alcohol by volume, plus some additional natural ingredients that set it apart from your ordinary hard seltzers making Che-Che a unique functional beverage:

  • Real fruit juice and extracts pack the beverage full of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Electrolytes allow for replenishment while still being able to indulge.
  • Yerba mate provides clean, natural energy and anti-inflammatory properties.

Their expertise in beverage R&D, ingredient sourcing, ingredient evaluation and sensory testing, and commercialization enabled Menu Collective to navigate all the idiosyncrasies of these elevated, upscale, and natural ingredients. Their passion for engaging and on-point creative helped them develop a brand identity, logo, and packaging design that fit perfectly with the personality of Che-Che. And their constant pulse on beverage trends led them to identify early-adoptive flavors that are on the fringe of familiarity and innovative intrigue. Mango Dragon Fruit, Cherry Dragon Fruit and Mandarin Yuzu will launch in specialty grocery stores, boutique liquor stores and upscale resorts in 2022.