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Menu Collective
innovative ideation + technical creation

We make your beverage(s) the best.


Our Mission

We are collaborators, not consultants.

We work with you & along side you to help bring your passion to product.


Our Method

Experience is our most important asset. And experience tells us working with the right people is key.

We’ve got a combined total of hundreds of successful products launched within the

Food & Beverage industry - whether that is menu’d cocktails or a RTD beverages.

Our network of specialized experts allows for a wide variety of work to be done with top-notch quality.


Your perfect beverage is created with intention.

Our beverage expert(s) chosen for your specific project utilizes their industry knowledge to create a “Gold Standard” - otherwise known as exactly what you are looking to launch - whether that’s a drink on a menu or a beverage in a can.


Your Gold Standard beverage is adapted into a “menuable” concept or a scalable formulation.

Mixologists or research & development scientists recreate your beverage with the perfect raw ingredients to make a commercialized product, all while incorporating regulatory compliance & good manufacturing processes.


Your beverage is brought to life and ready to sell!

Your beverage has been put through the ringer & passed all compliance tests with accuracy & efficiency. And now the consumers can enjoy your creation.


“I believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion.”


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Our Story

At Menu Collective, experience is our most important asset. We’ve got a combined 45+ years in the Food & Beverage world covering a multitude of facets.

Founded by Stuart McCarroll in 2016, his vision came to life when he left his corporate V.P. role at a large food & beverage company. Knowing the struggles those in the industry face when it comes to “what to do next”, Menu Collective was formed. We offer consulting style services dealing with almost anything beverage related!

Check our the team’s bios in the about section to learn more about everyone’s unique expertise!

Menu Collective offers strategic counsel, menu creation and product development for foodservice clients. Leveraging years of industry experience in the food and beverage space, we bring concepts to market that engage and inspire human connection.

From ideation sessions to product launch strategies, we foster an open and inclusive environment that welcomes industry thought leaders and change catalysts to drive innovation that helps meet consumer needs.

Menu Collective enlists classic design principles— executed with creative passion, practical experience and new technologies— to strengthen clients' brands and promote profitable growth by creating smart and sustainable menu strategies and products. We work with restaurant brands and suppliers to implement strategic development solutions. The 'design, develop, deliver’ method informs all that we do, guaranteeing that we design the path to success before jumping into action.



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