Let’s make a drink.

Our expert product developers and beverage formulators work with you to bring new industry-leading concepts and recipes to life.

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A team of creative minds—all focused on building your  beverage business

We are not a beverage consulting company. We are collaborators. A collective team of creative and commercially astute food-and-beverage experts. 

We work with clients to design and deliver new concepts. Our team has been crafting beverages behind coffee counters, beverage bars and food product development centers for years. It’s how we know what will draw guests in or bring bliss to consumers at home and on-the-go. 

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Transcend the industry norm. Every time. 

Whether you are looking to start a beverage company, work on your beverage menu development, or create a new beverage formulation, we guide you from start to finish in three steps:


First, we’ll select beverage experts for your specific project.

They apply their industry knowledge to create your “Gold Standard” product whether it’s on the menu or in a can.


Second, we turn your Gold Standard product into a “menuable” concept or a scalable food or beverage formulation.

Mixologists or scientists will recreate your concept with raw ingredients to make a commercialized product. This includes regulatory compliance and high-quality manufacturing processes. 


Third, your product is ready to sell! Now your product is vetted and passes all compliance tests with accuracy and efficiency.

Next, we help you create a sales, marketing and distribution strategy to bring your product to market.


Working with Menu Collective helps transform our business by giving us industry insight beyond our knowledge.  Together, they helped develop the formula for our line of Sparkling Coffee Shandy products, a truly unique product on the coffee market.  Ultimately, our partnership helped grow our revenue exponentially.”  

James Parrelly,  Founder/CEO, Amani Coffee

Keith Jacobsen

Menu Collective has an unparalleled ability to take a brief and a conceptual desired customer experience and apply their mixology wizardry to create a truly magical cocktail program. It’s been a blast building our Starbucks Reserve bar experience and signature coffee cocktail portfolio with MC!”

 Keith Jacobsen, Brand Manager, Roastery and Reserve at Starbucks

When I was introduced to Menu Collective, they took the time to understand my needs and what I was trying to create. They demonstrated a ton of passion and empathy which confirmed I had found the right partners. It’s been a pleasure working with Menu Collective and I’d recommend them to anyone who has a ‘dream’ they want to commercialize.

Hershel Perera, Saturday Beverage Company Inc.